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I'm Still Here - An actual accounting of Electronic Voice Phenomena messages from the Afterlife
Author:Martha Pierce Copeland
Date: 11 August 2009

What would we give to hear from our loved ones who have passed into the Afterlife to assure us that they are still with us and that they are alive in their new world. This book provides an actual accounting of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) messages and spiritual signs from our loved ones received from the Afterlife. It is a confirmation in the continuance of Life after Death; providing the proof we, the bereaved, need to know: That our relationships continue and that our loved ones are “STILL HERE.”

Cathy Amiss, Martha and Don Copeland's daughter, was killed in an automobile accident on December 23, 2001. Cathy's voice has been captured on various electronic devices including: computer, tape recorders, and digital recorders. She has used this media to let her family know that she is still with them and aware of what is taking place in their lives.

Martha Copeland has formed a group within the AA-EVP (aaevp.com) called the “Recording Circle Bridge to the Afterlife.” Cathy has come through with children who are on the other side to connect with their loved ones who are participates in the recording circle. Cathy and her friends in spirit refer to themselves as, “THE BIG CIRCLE.” The Big Circle includes our loved ones in spirit and along with their loved ones in the physical world.

The book describes Martha's continuing relationship with her daughter, Cathy, who is now on the Other Side. It also tells the story of many of the members of the "Big Circle," people on both sides regularly communicating with EVP.

EVP is not that hard to do, and this book is the first step.