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Color Healing Workshop CD - Home workshop for yourself or with friends
Author:Cassandra Eason
Date: 26 July 2009

Colours enhance our lives, helping us to remain harmonious even in stressful situations.

They fill us with confidence and energy and bring healing in a gentle non invasive way that even a beginner can rapidly learn.

Colours are absorbed from nature, through eating raw or unprocessed fruit or vegetables, through breathing in light from candles, flowers and crystals and from drinking crystal waters.

Because modern life depletes our inner store of colour energies, it is important to learn how to remedy any deficiencies in ways that can be easily applied in the busy everyday world.

This CD teaches you how to identify the colours you or others need at home or work and how through a series of simple yet powerful techniques you can instantly defuse a situation or replace negative energies with positive feelings.

Learning how to heal using colour both for yourself and loved ones whether they are with you or far away.

Work with your own inner rainbow chakra energy centres and aura energy field to make the everyday world of home and work brighter and more joyous.


Track 1: The power of colour

Track 2: Bringing natural sources of colour into your world

Track 3: Colour meanings

Track 4: How to discover the colours you need in any situation

Track 5: Breathing in the colours you need

Track 6: Using colour breathing for healing and for workplace and domestic harmony

Track 7: Crystal colour healing

Track 8: Making crystal waters to bring happiness and restore calm to any situation

Track 9: A crystal and candle colour meditation to restore the colour balance in your body and mind

Track 10: Bringing colour power into everyday life