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My friend on the other side - the book about Friedrich Jürgenson who discovered the voice phenomena from a fourth life dimension (EVP)
Author:Anders Leopold
Date: 6 December 2016

Dear Transcommunication Friend!

I published as ebook on Amazon my book translated into English with the title "My friend on the other side - the book about Friedrich Jürgenson who discovered the voice phenomena from a fourth life dimension." https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N7E1ORQ

It is the amazing and almost unbelievable story about the Swedish artist Friedrich Jürgenson's life and discovery, what today is known as EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena and ITC, Instrumental Trans Communication, the possibility to communicate with a fourth life dimension. We were close friends for twenty years, before, as he said, he went over to the fourth life dimension October 15, 1987.Organizations and societies across the world are today trying to build on that bridge between two life dimensions as Friedrich Jürgenson laid the foundation for.

In May 1970, he was visited at his home in Moelnby, situated south of Stockholm, by one of the most famous researcher in parapsychology, Hans Bender of the University of Freiburg in Germany, and his team with extraordinary technical equipment. The result was almost shockingly for Hans Bender then it was made several recordings that proved the voices existence, one addressed directly to him. He said to me it was probably paranormal voices, which can be interpreted as voices from the dead and he said: This is the most important discovery in the parapsychologie history!

In this book appears the image of a speech spectrograms obtained at the Max Planck Institute in Munich as Professor Bender felt was the definitive proof of the existence of the voices.

The reader becomes also referred to a website with 38 recordings made by Jürgenson, me and researchers as have recorded without participation of Jürgenson.

I would be pleased - and my friend Friedrich on the other side too - if you want to spread knowledge about his life and how it all began.

Anders Leopold

CHAPTER 1. Before the voices
CHAPTER 2. First contacts
CHAPTER 3. From mental messages to radio contact
CHAPTER 4.The Swedish TV legendary Arne Weise in the strongest recordings
CHAPTER 5. Plans for shock programs in TV and a technical unexplained recording
CHAPTER 6. The world press into place
CHAPTER 7. Scientific tests
CHAPTER 8. Friedel answers questions
CHAPTER 9. Surreal messages – Friedels interpretation of Hitler's monologue
CHAPTER 10. Friedel and the Pope
CHAPTER 11. Friedel about life on the other side
CHAPTER 12. The scientific evidence
CHAPTER 13. Pictures from the other side
CHAPTER 14. Scientists take care of the voice phenomena
CHAPTER 15. Common and own recordings
CHAPTER 16. The voice phenomenas spread in the world
CHAPTER 17. Record and listen