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The Mediums Handbook
Author:Rev. Gordon M Bromley
Date: 26 December 2012

I have been involved for over 55 years with spiritualism, teaching and demonstrating with my wife, Eve. I have been leader of a circle for physical phenomena and other development circles. If you have any questions about spiritualism, the chances are that you will find your answers here. This is available as a book at 12.95 or as an e-book for 2.60. All aspects in one easy to read book.


Here is a book that has no competition. It is unique in that it covers the whole spectrum of mediumship. There are many books in the market about various pieces of what a medium needs to know, but this is the only one that not only covers those subjects all together in one book, but also includes other areas that do not usually get taught. I have been involved in spiritual aspects for over fifty-five years, with over thirty years demonstrating and teaching, including running open and closed circles. I have also been the circle leader for physical phenomena, where there were materialisations on a regular basis. I have demonstrated and taught in the Netherlands, Spain, USA, Germany, Denmark, and UK. I have spent thirty years of my life writing nonfi ction in the area of engineering. These books covered operating and maintenance manuals on a very wide scale. These include mechanical, electrical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, refrigeration, photographic, and optical disciplines. This book is not only intended as a basic tutorial for novices, but also as a reference book on spiritual information for spiritual teachers. Author quote: I know that our loved ones communicate with us, but it often takes a competent medium to relay the information.