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The River Called Silence
Author:Hopey Whisperwind <hopeywhisperwind@ymail.com>
Date: 15 April 2010

The River Called Silence

A Novel By: Hopey Whisperwind


April, 2010- Every now and then, in history, a prolific and sound voice arises. And if ever a rising wave of such a new and inspiring voice would emerge, it might compare in the new American, literary tour de force, premiere novel by writer, Mr. Hopey Whisperwind. Beckoning with oscillations of an enrapturing tale, Mr. Whisperwind brings us to The River Called Silence. In his novel, Whisperwind spans the centuries of time, in order to weave a hauntingly intriguing story of his Native people, the Low-Tow-Pee Indians of the North Carolina Mountains. Spoken in two installments, Book One opens with a prologue, titled, “The Prophecy of the Sparrow,” a recounting by Mr. Whisperwind of the sacred promise given to the Low-Tow-Pee before his time.

Thereafter, in the beginning chapters, Mr. Whisperwind is living and working in New York City as a magazine journalist with his soon to be fiancée. Unannounced, he is called back home, to be amongst his tribe. Upon his return to his hometown of Cool Ridge, North Carolina, he is summoned to reawaken the fire of healing hands that was upon him as a child, in order to heal his dying Grandmother, Lily Whisperwind.

However, on this occasion, his healing, which the Low-Tow-Pee calls “the Fever,” is unable to cure her. His Grandmother passes away through the night. The next day, to Mr. Whisperwind’s and his tribe’s surprise, his Grandmother’s Will states that Whisperwind is to inherit all of her belongings, the 100 year old home and her tattered journal within it. So then, the true journey begins as Mr. Whisperwind encounters the pages of her writings that speak of lost spirits, a wondrous hidden world of heavenly things, and the praying hearts of a prophecy fulfilled. A well defined, timeless masterpiece at the heart of what makes every human…human; The River Called Silence faithfully reaches out to its readers with a prolific and sound voice.

About the Author of The River Called Silence:

Hopey Whisperwind is the pen name under which the author of "The River Called Silence," writes. The author resides in North Carolina and attended Winthrop University, earning a Baccalaureate of Fine Arts degree. The author worked as a middle school educator, but now spends time raising her family and promoting the message of "The River" with local events.

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