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The Eternal sayings of Diamond the Universal Man
By:Dr Dipak Pramanik <dipak1941@gmail.com>

( Compiled and edited from different diaries)

A collection in between 1953 and1956

[Diamond used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners coming to his residence everyday. The discussions were mainly based on the metaphors of Sri Ramkrishna as described in Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and it used to continue from noon to night.

These discussions and daily experiences were recorded by some listeners in their diaries and later on has been published in a Bengali magazine since 1968. This article is mainly based on a compilation work from different diaries and magazines and after editing and translating these into English will be published in different websites regularly in several chapters.]

WHAT IS ARYAN CULT: This human body and the manifestation of God within that body- This is called Aryan cult. Except Indian Aryan nobody had an idea that God is within a human being and He shows His sportive forms after manifesting Himself. This knowledge had long been suppressed in Hindus. Sri Ramkrishna has again revived it in the nineteenth century. Being asked by Swami Vivekananda whether he had seen God, he answered with open voice ,’Yes, I have seen Him as I am seeing you. He is known to pure mind and intellects.’

This is the primordial religion - a human body and the manifestation of God within it. How does it happen? It occurs spontaneously. For this only a human body is necessary and that should be flawless. Where ever it is available on earth, this will manifest, let him be a Fin,Lap or Hotentot.

GOD IS WITHIN A HUMAN BODY- HE IS THE NEAREST ONE: The main object of human life is to achieve God. So he is born. Unless he achieves that, he feels a lacking. But he can not understand what is that lacking and so he from one sacred place to another without knowing that God is within his body and He is the nearest One, the best friend. Whenever he gets Him within his body, all his lackings will be removed.

WHAT IS GOD- WE REFLECT EVERYTHING AFTER BIRTH : God is within you and nowhere else. All of us are carrying God within ourselves. Now the question may arise- what is God? He is within this body as ‘Soul’ or ‘Atman. He shows Himself in each step of the body. This universe is within the ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’. Again the Soul is within the body. That means this universe is within us. As soon as we are born, we reflect this universe outside and lives in it. In Vedas this has been compared with spiders. They have mentioned that a spider ejects the net and lives there. Sri Ramkrishna has explained this with two words, ’Maw’ and ‘Raa’. Maw means God and Raa means universe. The Atman or Soul is within this body and the universe is within Soul or God.

WHAT IS SOUL AND WHERE IT IS VISIBLE: Atman or Soul is visible in ‘Samadhi’ stage. The Soul is percolated. It means ‘Kundalini’ or Life power is percolated. After percolation from the whole body it is accumulated in the cerebrum or the seventh plane of the body and is seen. If any cell of the brain is defective, the man will not thrive at this stage. The life power will melt. And if it is flawless, the life power will descent from the cerebrum and just at this stage the Soul or Atman is seen.
Some say that Soul looks like a thumb made of God’s light, some say again that Soul looks like the tip of paddy straw. I saw the Soul or Atman like a thumb at the first stage and then like the tail of a comet. But when I saw it, I had no idea of these things. What I saw, I ignored.

August 23,1955.

KUNDALINI OR LIFE POWER IS TRANSFORMED INTO BRAHMA OR SUPREME ONE IN A MAN : kundalini is the life power of the human body. The gradual upward movement of life power makes the seer being devoid of ego-consciousness. When she reaches the fourth plane (Heart) the seer sees God’s light and everything outside seems to be illuminated. When she reaches the fifth plane (Neck), half man and half woman form is seen(as Soul has no sex). When she reaches sixth plane(forehead), the seer sees different forms of God. It means Kundalini is transformed into those forms. When she reaches cerebrum or seventh plane, the Soul or Atman is seen, i.e. Kundalini is transformed into Soul. Then the Universe is seen within the Atman. That Universe is like a seed. The seed then becomes dream like and ultimately that dream like stage dissolves. This is the Supreme knowledge. Now you can see that Kundalini, which rests at the root of spinal chord or ‘Muladhar’, ultimately with gradual transformation becomes ‘Brahma’ or Supreme One.
Whoever has this experience goes by negation. This means , when he has this conception that I am this body with flesh and blood, now I see that I am Kundalini, not this body. When Kundalini is transformed into God’s light then he says, no, I am not Kundalini; when that light is transformed into half-man and half-woman form, he says, I am not the light. Thus with this gradual transformations when the seer visualizes Brahma in the cerebrum, he becomes silent. These cannot be explained by language. These can be understood through realizations. God is within you. When He explains from within you, then only you can understand.