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The Law of Attraction in the Context of the Eternal Cycle
By:Claire Montanaro

A man said to me recently that he spent hours every day repeating affirmations and doing meditations and visualisations in order to improve his financial situation, but if anything his poverty was increasing - what was he doing wrong?

To me the answer was simple: he was so focused on his fear of lack that under the well-known Law of Attraction he was drawing to himself exactly that which he wished to avoid; furthermore, even when he was imagining himself surrounded by the abundance he thought he wanted, because the exercise was based on fear and illusion, and was mind-based, it was never going to work.

He understood this, but what was harder for him to accept was that because of the multi-lived patterns of belief in him to do with his state needing to be one of poverty, he was attached to having a lack of abundance - or, if you will, he was attached to having an abundance of lack. Also, and most significantly, he had an expectation and dependency that someone would rescue him, and in his case, because of his spiritual efforts, he thought it should be God - but God was letting him down. Another conundrum...either he was not doing enough for God or God was not doing enough for him.

The essential truth and solution was that, ultimately, only he could help himself. Others might lend a helping hand but if he believed his wellbeing depended on people or Spirit rather than himself, then he would be bound to discomfort until he learned this hard lesson.

Often I am asked by clients why God does not make their life easy, why God can stand back when they have a real difficulty to resolve. It would be lovely for us all if, as we are being tested, as we are in every moment, a divine force would wave a magic wand and everything would be sorted miraculously, but that is not what being human is all about. We are here to learn and grow through our challenges, and the more we try the more Spirit will help us - not relieve us of the burden but guide us to open doors and opportunities without interfering with our karma or human responsibility. I see it as a co-operation without expectation on either side - only mutual love and respect for a shared mission, which is the implementation of the great Plan of God.

Our world begins its stately journey to another cycle of completion each time the full moon beckons. It is the time when loose ends are tied up and we may look back with gratitude on what that cycle has brought and taught, whether it is for a month or a lifetime.

When something comes to an end it is, of course, just a beginning for, while every thing one day will be destroyed - a planet, a body, a lettuce or a mountain - nothing ceases for life is eternal. So it is that the lettuce becomes life-giving compost or its seeds regenerate, the debris of a spent star is the nucleus for another cosmic creation, and the human body, its purpose fulfilled, merges with the land or the sea, a part of the great, divine whole. Meanwhile, the spirit in all that was, lives on, strengthened by the experience however transitory it may have been.

And so, as you approach the final days of the latest phase of achievement, honour its memory. Where the remembering is sad for loss and grief, know that in time the memory of the cycle will be of quiet gratitude for the experience, for all you choose to undergo is for your benefit and far beyond the much-loved being that you are. Even now, if you can, see and feel the loving hand of God upon you, your greatest guardian and protector leading you towards the door of this ending in the knowledge that a new beginning lies beyond.

Every second in your life, something changes, ends or begins anew. Make the most of every second and make the most of life, in the certainty of the greatest truth of all, that life goes on forever.

Claire Montanaro is a skilled and sought after spiritual teacher, speaker, lecturer and author, with a reputation for inspiring and empowering her clients, students and audience. Based in Wales, her heartfelt desire is to assist people to actualise their total connectedness to all that is. Additionally, she offers a global philosophy for living and being in the new age for all seekers of truth. Seven simple yet intensely profound Principles form the core of her teaching, the practice of which embodies the New Consciousness and is a catalyst for One-ness. Her book "Spiritual Wisdom" is published by Piatkus Books. Her website can be found at http://www.inluminoglobal.co.uk where you can read more articles like this in her regularly updated Spiritual Blog.