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Do Ghosts Manifest as Balls of Energy (Orbs)?
By:Florida Gould

Orbs, in the sense of ghosts and spirits, are round tiny balls of energy which are quite frequently caught on camera and sometimes video. Orbs are speculated by many to be creations of energy that indicate ghosts or spirits.

Orbs, in the context of ghosts and spirits, are spherical tiny balls of energy that are quite frequently caught on camera and sometimes video. Orbs are speculated by many to be creations of energy that indicate ghosts or spirits. Some people have theorized that heat/energy supplies including the human body, power lines, and even batteries are by some means attracted by spirits; the spirits, in turn, use the energy to make themselves seen (usually translucent) and mobile. Paranormal analysts also add that particular rules of physics dictate that these balls of energy are spherical.

These kind of ghostly orbs frequently move around in groups and are theorized life forces of the departed. The tiny balls of light also happen to be rather photogenic, too, as they are definitely one of the most common irregularities on film and in videos. On the other hand, some orbs in photos are not ghosts; sometimes tiny artifacts are evident in pictures when the flash is utilized. When this takes place, thin bits of grime, soot, moisture, and other things are lit up, and the end result in this scenario is normally attributed to backscatter.

Don't assume all orbs are simply dust or similar, however. A large number of individuals have produced pictures and other media of orbs in action that actually photographic experts have inspected and concluded that there was no Earthly explanation for. Obviously, there is a rationalization but it is not necessarily Earthly.

So why would spirits choose to manifest themselves as tiny balls of energy? Professionals in paranormal analysis argue that employing this spherical form, orbs use less energy and moving around is less difficult. The same experts also speculate that during the months between October and February orbs are less common and fuller-bodied, more human-like silhouettes and are regularly encountered. This is since the cold weather will produce different forms of energy, particularly static electricity. Other means that give the balls of energy power consist of the organic environment, lightning, and human movement.

Balls of Energy New Orleans: New Orlean, America's popular Most Haunted City in the U.S, is occupied by more orb, ghost, and spirit sightings and experiences than essentially anywhere else in the land. From the long-haunted myths and storied paranormal encounters of New Orleans's French Quarter, guests to New Orleans (save for a few other locations around the world) are more probable to experience the paranormal than practically anywhere else in the entire world.

Would like to record an orb or ghost on film? Snap plenty of photos at night. Make sure that the atmosphere is reasonably dry when doing so and that the camera lens is clear of any dirt, dust, or soot.