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Astral Projection Facts - What is the Astral Plane?
By:Karl Sewon

If you achieve an astral projection you might end of on an astral plane. A plane is defined as an “existence", in its simplest explanation. Of course, there is more to it than that and it has various interpretations depending on who you ask. However there are some common understandings of this mysterious concept. This plane of existence is referred to by medieval, oriental, neo-platonic and esoteric philosophies.

It is believed to be a world of planetary spheres. This is where the soul crosses through before it is born and after death. Here is also where spirits, angels and other beings might dwell.

Humans live in the physical plane when we are alive. However because we are multi-dimensional, part of us can exist in other planes. These other planes have different rules and no two planes are alike. When we experience an astral projection we shift or consciousness to this other place.

It can also be described as an invisible other world which cannot be seen from this physical world. It is another reality dimension which is also known as the desire world. It is thought that the astral world has its very own standards and occupants and it is literally the body double of Earth but it vibrates faster. Some believe that this place is the second plane of creation.

The astral can also be related to the Akasha or Akashic records which hold every thought, memory, dream and word of humans on Earth. This can only be accessed while in this place. You can travel here while in a deep trance or be exercising an astral projection technique.

The astral plane has many other travelers that you will meet at the same time. There are also many levels and other entities to discover. You can find events and people from your past, present and future as well. This makes visits to this place highly appealing to many people and they use a variety of methods to get there.