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Discover the Important Breathing Exercises That Will Enable You to Leave Your Physical Body!
By:Karl Sewon

Breathing exercises for astral projection are something that must be mastered if you are to successfully astral project. With some practice you will be able to use the power of breathing to astral travel into the astral planes whenever, and wherever, you want.

You will notice that some people are able to astral project anywhere any time and even in the most amazing of circumstances such as in a noisy room. In all likelihood these people did not reach that level right away. It may have taken years of practicing breathing and meditative techniques to attain this talent. It is best advised that you start practicing in the privacy and silence of a quiet bedroom at home. After you see success, try it on a beach or other secluded outdoor space under a clear sky. You can then start to practice in more distracting situations.

Here are some tips to make the most of your astral projection experiences:

1. Wear loose clothing
This is to make you feel free and unrestricted. Some people, particularly beginners, have a hard time reaching the astral plane if they are wearing tight restrictive clothing. So make this a first point of call when you decide you want to astral project.

2. Make it dark and quiet
The best place to undertake an out of body experience is in a dark, quiet room. Your bedroom is the best spot and night time is a good time as it is generally quieter (although not always so use your best judgment). Turn your lights off, close the curtains and door, turn off the phone and put a do not disturb sign on your door. This is the best way to prepare for what you are about to experience.

3. Start breathing
This is the most important stage of your experience. Focus on your breathing and undertake the following breathing exercises:

- Focus and relax: this is the first stage of deep breathing. Put all other thoughts out of your mind and concentrate solely on breathing in and out, taking deep relaxed breaths.

- Focus on your chest moving when you exhale by feeling the movement of the chest, lungs and rib cage

- Start focusing on your stomach when you breathe out. Then the rest of your body. This is when you concentrate on your other body parts and how they react to your breathing.

As you can see there are no secrets to breathing exercises for astral projection - just do what comes natural to you.