Articles about Spirituality

For Beginners: How to Open Yourself Up to Be Psychic
By:Zoe Van-de-Velde

Opening up to improve your psychic abilities is something that should be done slowly and with patience. If you feel that you "see" things or that you have cited events that have come true, it may be that you have some insight that, if honed, may be useful. If you decide that you want to pursue this avenue, remember that there are charlatans out there and it is best to research the subject. Don't pay money to anyone who claims they can "train" you.


Meditation is useful to open up your mind.

Set aside a time each day when you know you will not be disturbed. Find a space that is quiet and comfortable.

Sit upright on a comfortable chair (not so comfortable that you fall asleep) or sit in the lotus position or just cross-legged on the floor; use a cushion or yoga mat, if the floor is hard.

Put a candle in front of you and concentrate on the candle. Listen to your breathing; slow down your breaths and say to yourself "I am breathing in goodness," as you breath in and "I am breathing out negativity," as you breath out.

Keep concentrating on the candle and completely blank your mind of everything else. By blanking your mind you are freeing yourself up to receive "psychic" influences. Each session should last for about half an hour, but as you become more practiced your meditative state should be achieved much quicker.

Write down any strong impressions, feelings, pictures or visions that you experienced during your meditation session. Write down the date and time at the top of the page so that you have a record of when you have "seen" things and you can check back. As you become more practiced at meditation, these impressions should become stronger and clearer and you should start to be able to "direct" what you want to find out.

Use Tools

Using tools such as the Tarot or a pendulum could help you hone your abilities.

Start working out how you would like to use your psychic abilities. For example: consider whether you would you like to read the Tarot, heal people, palm read or dowse; these are just a few of many options.

Practice taking an object in your hands that is old and has been worn by someone (ask friends and family if they have anything you can practice with). Concentrate your mind, as you have been doing with the meditation and try to "pick up" information through the object.

Write down any impressions, visuals or feelings that you get and then check with the wearer if any of those things are accurate. This is a good way of honing your skills and practicing. You can also practice by learning the Tarot, through meditation and reading or using a pendulum.