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Steps to Spiritual Empowerment
By:Glyn Edwards and Santoshan

Short extracts from Unleash your Spiritual Power and Grow, Published by Foulsham/Quanum Books

Spiritual empowerment entails awareness of who and what we are. It encompasses awareness of our everyday psychological and spiritual selves, finding ways of bringing both into balance with one another. The path leading to this is by no means easy and often requires perseverance and drawing upon a variety of creative practices and intuitive skills. Just as we need to practise and have a certain amount of discipline and skill to master swimming, driving a car or playing a piano, we also need them – and more – in order to discover our true Selves.

Know that you are an individualised expression of the eternal Spirit, and that It permeates all life in the universe.
If we accept there is a part of us that never dies, we should inculcate this knowledge into our lives, investigate its implications and establish greater awareness of its reality in our development. As we open up to our eternal Self (the spirit which we are that is an individual expression of the supreme Spirit) and to the Spirit that permeates all, various changes will begin to take place. We will become more aware of the invisible world of the spirit and its influence, and of various responsibilities that are essential for following a spiritual path. We will then find ourselves responding to the Divine with more receptivity.

Realise your mind has the power to bring you closer to the Divine, and to finding truth in all things.
Our minds have the power to bring about a deeper understanding of what the Divine is in relation to us, and how It functions as us. It is by refining our perceptions and opening our minds that the authentic spirit-Self ’s presence becomes more noticeable and life takes on greater meaning. As we awaken to its influence, we open to our own innate wisdom and gain insight into the reality of the Spirit. We start to see the world and our place in it from a more positive and altruistic perspective, and awaken to the true ‘I’ Consciousness within.

This happens because of an increased awareness of our psychic sensitivity. We discover things – such as nature, beauty and everyday activity – beginning to have a more profound effect upon us, and find all life and experience drawing us to a deeper level of understanding. Through this we discover the Divine in all as well as the good in all, and our view and experience of everyday life shifts to a more harmonious perspective. All life and experience become the substance for growth and reflection, and part of spiritual unfoldment. We gradually awaken and take responsibility for what is happening in and around our lives, and make changes that bring us closer to a spiritual way of life and living.

Awaken to the infinite qualities of good within you.
As we start to open to spirit powers and abilities, we should also awaken to spiritual understanding, and manifest qualities such as love, respect, compassion and empathy. These are inherent within us and are expressions of the true Self. We may have exhibited them before, but will notice as our development proceeds that receptivity to the true Self can have a profound effect, if we allow it, upon the manifestation of these qualities.

Through manifesting and expressing them more purely, the gift of wisdom also starts to surface. Our wise and compassionate natures grow by responding to the true Self’s influence. We become more skilfully aware, begin to see life and others from a wider perspective, and empathise with others’ pains and struggles more naturally.

Realise that the one creative power in all life is God.
We live in an evolving universe governed by Creative Power and Divine Intelligence. God, which is both masculine and feminine, is the inner essence and cause of all life – the ground of everything and everyone. It is infinite being, bliss and consciousness – transcendent, immanent, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

Because this power is creative and part of us, it responds to us at our individual level of understanding. To open up more to it, we have to let go of anything that limits our perceptions and stops us from recognising it within ourselves, and in all life and all people. Through widening our spiritual receptivity, knowledge and consciousness, we awaken to the one-in-all and the all-in-one, and to limitless life, power, creativity and potential of our true spirit Self. Once we are touched by these things, we must then learn to live by them.

Without self-conscious attunement to the all-pervading presence of the Divine, the practices of meditation, prayer and contemplation will be limited.
We must recognise that the one creative power and law that operates in the universe is God. Unless we consciously make the effort to attune to the Divine in all, we will never understand the spirit that we are and its relationship with everything and everyone. Without this, the practices of meditation, prayer and contemplation will be limited.

We need to be aware that we live, move and have our being in God. We came from and are part of God. The very foundations of our lives belong to God. It is the substance, continuity and activity of all life. We derive everything from God. Our mind is God’s altar, our body is Its temple and our spirit Its home. All creative potentials and possibilities are within this spirit that we are. We need to recognise that it is through our minds, emotions and individuality that we develop the ability to be more Divinity-centred, and establish greater awareness of who we are and how we interconnect with all life. The more we are able to recognise this reality, the more receptive we will be to infinite qualities of good within us. This will give us the strength to free the mind and emotions, and embrace a greater Truth.

Realise you have within you infinite possibilities and potential.
If awareness is maintained correctly, it will open up new doors in our development. By using it to investigate and increase our spiritual and psychic knowledge, we can grow in wisdom and understanding, and awaken our lives to wider possibilities. In the beginning stages, the mind may be more familiar with everyday knowledge and thought rather than spiritual perceptions of life. We may feel like a stranger in a strange land and be unsure about our creative abilities, as we often limit ourselves and underrate what we can truly achieve in life and development.

A way of helping us to overcome our self-imposed limitations is to embrace the power of the spirit within. This power is ours by right. By recognising and manifesting it correctly we find ways to face, rise above and overcome difficulties or obstacles, and start to acknowledge, accept and work with the limitless potential we have.

We must realise that every emotion is the result of either positive or negative thinking. It is only through awareness of, and creatively working with, our thoughts, feelings and emotions that we manifest more positive qualities within. Through being increasingly aware of our actions and reactions, we become more spiritually responsible. Until we have awakened to self-awareness, we can never truly know who we are and fully trust ourselves. We see that self-awareness is not just about spiritual and psychic development, but the whole of what we are.

By being aware of how we act in everyday life, we can grow into more centred and loving individuals, and by cultivating our minds and looking after our bodies, become more active forces for good. All are part of the process of discovering who we really are, and can be used as vehicles for transformation and expressing the true Self. With spiritual gifts, the more open and cultivated the mind is, the more receptive the individual will be to higher and refined influences.

Seek to understand and live life from the higher spiritual viewpoint, and harmonise your life with the Spirit.
If we truly wish to develop and manifest all that is good within us, we must endeavour to harmonise our lives with the Spirit. When we restrict our view and understanding, our world splits into subject and object (seer and seen) reality, with no visible relationship binding it together. Like waves rising from an ocean’s surface, we see the world made up of individually distinct and separate parts. By deepening our understanding, we realise that all is interconnected and part of one great ocean of life.

Do everything as an act of selfless service and for the manifestation of the eternal Spirit.
We have within us infinite qualities of good, love and compassion. Every act, thought and expression can be reflected upon and used to unfold these qualities more purely. By doing this, we make our lives a constant meditation and uncover a sense of the inherent universal Self in everyday life. We become less self-centred and more in tune with life and our spirit.

All life is sacred and ultimately derives its existence from God. Therefore, we should seek to become one with this sacredness that exists in everything and everyone, and respect and care for all life, including ourselves. Anything that separates us from others means separating ourselves from life and the creative Principle in all.

Living by spiritual law means going beyond ordinary laws, taking responsibility for every area of our lives – our thoughts, our feelings, our actions – and being respectful of everyone and every form of life we come into contact with. We may not be able to accomplish this overnight, but it is in the trying that we become more caring, loving, centred and responsible human beings.

* * *

Edited extract from Unleash your Spiritual Power and Grow - Reflect and Learn to Trust the Power Within, by Glyn Edwards and Santoshan. Published by Quantum Books.

SANTOSHAN (STEPHEN WOLLASTON) is widely known for his deep-rooted knowledge of transpersonal and inspirational wisdom. He is one of the founding fathers of the Gordon Higginson Fellowship and is the author of Realms of Wondrous Gifts and The House of Wisdom, written with the revered Yoga Master Swami Dharmananda.

GLYN EDWARDS has worked internationally as a medium for over 35 years, has appeared on television and radio in numerous countries around the globe and is considered as one of the finest mediums and teachers of psychic and spiritual science in the UK.