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How to Discover Your Aura

Discovering your own aura always seems intimidating, people feel uncertain if they are doing it correctly or if they are seeing what is truly their own aura. This article will give simple steps on how to discover your own aura.

Using a comfortable chair you will want to sit in a quiet room where you can meditate and concentrate without interruptions. Place the chair close to a blank light colored wall. Dim the lights in the room so there is little reflection of colors in the room (you do not want outside colors affecting your concentration).

After sitting on the chair and getting yourself into a deep relaxing state of mind and body, you will then take your two hands and squeeze them together. When you start to feel the energy building between your two hands, you will then reverse the hold and squeeze again. Do not release from your grip until you feel as much energy as you can handle between your hands.

Once the energy has built up to it's limit, you will then let your hands drop to your sides. Slowly bring them back up to chest level with palms facing each other. Bring your hands together steadily until you can feel a resistance between them. Do not let your palms touch at all.

The last thing you will do is focus lightly your gaze at the surrounding area of your hands (the outline of your hands). You should see a light or bold band of color around your hands, this is your aura. If you feel pulsing or tingling feelings do not panic that is the energy force of your body (your aura).