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How to Unlock Your Intuition & Psychic Potential
By:Ashley Schaeffer

Developing your intuition and psychic potential is extremely challenging because it involves more than learning new skills and abilities. A fundamental aspect of accomplishing this task involves unlearning several ways of being that may be deeply ingrained in your behavior. Although it requires a great deal of dedication and intention, it comes with a wealth of rewards. Not only does unlocking your intuition deepen your connection with others, it will also strengthen your connection to yourself.

Dedicate time to improving yourself --- emotionally and spiritually. Identify one or two unhealthy habits (such as a problem with substance abuse or a tendency to hold grudges) and make an effort to overcome them.

Pick up a spiritual practice that will help you fortify a new pattern of healthy habits and balance the energy within your body. Meditation and chanting are excellent ways to let go of unwanted attachments and fixations. Learn different ways to meditate online or look up ashrams, Buddhist temples and classes in your area to learn the practices in a more traditional way.

Create balance within the chakras --- the energetic points in the body --- by studying Qi Gong and Reiki. Look up a Reiki practitioner in your area and schedule a session, asking specifically for your chakras to be balanced. Enroll in Qi Gong classes in your city. Incorporate this into your regular spiritual practice.

Pay attention to your experience when your intuition emerges. You may see unexpected images in your head (which could be interpreted metaphorically or literally) or you may experience a feeling or bodily sensation (emotional lightness or a sensation in your abdomen or "third eye"). Remember this experience so that you can identify it in the future.

Explore different ways of channeling your psychic ability. Start by purchasing a tarot deck (the Rider-Waite deck is the most traditional) and learn the meanings of the different cards. Practice a simple tarot spread first, such as the three-card spread. Concentrate on a question while you shuffle the deck. Choose three cards and place them face-up on a table. The first card signifies the past, the second signifies the present while the third represents the future or outcome of the situation. Practice conceptualizing how a card's meaning changes based on its placement. Clear your mind to access your intuition during interpretations.