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What is a Near Death Experience Like?
By:Karl Sewon

People who have undergone a near death experience often explain it in such detail that it is difficult to doubt them. Whilst many people experience similar experiences, the fine details can differ dramatically. There is however some very common themes when it comes to the experiences, some which nearly all people claim to have experienced. It is these common themes of an NDE that gain the attention of people, as it seems impossible that so many people could experience the same or similar thing unless there truly is truth in the fact that they travel to another plane during a NDE.

The most common situations for people to experience this state are during a cardiac arrest, heart attack, car accident, drowning or other emergency. Many people are pronounced clinically dead but are brought back to life. A high percentage of these people can still remember occurrences during the time they were pronounced as dead.

Some of the most common stories told after an NDE include:

- Light at the end of the tunnel or some sort of bright light (inferred by many religious to be God). - Review of life experiences - Out of body experience

Generally the above three do not occur together, but rather just one happens exclusively. A near death experience gives weight to the argument that there is life after death and that our spirit or soul travels out of the physical body once we die.

Studies have shown that people also experience a ringing or buzzing noise, a sense of peace and relaxation, a floating feeling and meeting dead people. Some people who have told about their NDE stated that the experience was so wonderful that at the time they did not feel as if they wanted to return to their physical body.

Although rarely spoken of, a certain percentage of people also experienced extremely frightening near death experiences rather than highly pleasant and peaceful ones.

People who have had induced NDE's are said to not have experienced the same sensations and experiences as those who have undergone naturally occurring near death experiences.

Near death experiences are certainly an exciting concept and one which brings about a sense of calm to those who experience it. Most people no longer fear death as they have seen what is on the other side and do not believe it is terrible.

An Out of body experience is similar to a NDE except that you can induce this state at a controlled manner and your life will never be at any kind of risk.