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Engage the Law of Attraction By Going Within
By:Lauren MacLauclan

Someone once said---don't know who---"If you can't go within, you go without." St. Augustine said it another way-"People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering."

And, as the old saying goes, I believe that truer words were never spoken. Sadly, there are many millions of people on this planet mired in the devastation of poverty and/or war who will never discover how magnificent they really are. Too few of us get to explore every aspect of our beings. Too few of us actually have the time, or take the time, to get to know ourselves, far too few, as far as I can tell. If there were more of us who had done so, and we were all doing work that we enjoyed, we would have a happier planet in all ways because we would all be spreading good vibes around all the time. And good vibes beget good vibes, beget good vibes etc. Sure took me a long time to discover my own innate abilities but happily, I did discover them, after much soul-searching, and I am now using them to my own greater satisfaction. However, the very sad fact is that many of us are not as fortunate. Here is a good example:

About a year or so ago, I was attending a celebration of life for a close friend when I met another woman friend of the deceased and we stuck up a conversation. It turned out that this particular person was ruminating upon her own life and her own ensuing passage, having just retired from thirty-five years of practicing physiotherapy. She was expressing great regret at having worked at a profession that she had not been happy in for all of her working life. She said that she had not enjoyed the job at all, and that she resented having to keep doing it. And then she admitted that she was feeling angry at herself for seemingly wasting her whole life. She also said she felt lost and empty inside because she felt that she had missed out upon knowing herself. In fact, she said she did not know herself at all and further that she did not know where to start learning about herself.

David Whyte, the contemporary Irish poet, who is known for his work in helping corporations find their souls through the use of poetry, had a very similar story of his own during his early working life. He had trained as a Marine Biologist and he enjoyed the field until he was thrust into a situation which required many long hours with constant critical deadlines. He found that during the course of that stint, he became totally out of touch with himself, and so he abruptly quit, ultimately finding some peace and re-connecting with himself.

Reconnecting with himself meant writing poetry, and so he began. And he began by booking some corporate speaking events using poetry as a means of assessing the health of the corporation. He was fabulously successful and thus launched himself into his current avocation, and vocation, speaking to corporate audiences all over the world about tapping into the soul of the corporation.

If you see yourself in the first story, do not despair. The physiotherapist above still has time to find herself and you do too. Yep, there is still time to find out who you are. Lots of time. Begin by exploring your gifts and innate talents. All it takes are a few small steps. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."When you do this, the Law of Attraction will provide the "how" of where you want to go. Just make the decision. Set the energy in motion. If you are sitting on the fence, it ain't gonna happen. A few small steps could lead you to a most satisfying hobby or new career---a hobby or career that will keep you connected to the source of your happiness, the essence of Who You Really Are. We are here to discover our gifts and use them in service to others and for our own happiness and satisfaction.

When you are connected to source more often, doing what you love to do, you will automatically attract more happiness, wisdom, peace and love---which is all that most of us ever really want. Just do it. Find out who you are by doing what you love to do, because in so doing, you will be expressing your soul's opus---the song of your soul.

Don't pass by yourself without wondering.

Lauren MacLauclan

Copyright 2012

Lauren MacLauclan, author of The Law of Attraction "How To" Book, is an entertaining and captivating trainer who is well known for her sense of humor, warmth and authenticity. She connects instantly with audiences and coaching clients, transferring content effortlessly with a practical approach that inspires. A former Registered Nurse who designed and ran her own seminars on the purpose driven life, she is now thrilled to be able to focus specifically on the Law of Attraction. You may visit her website at: