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The Nine Unfoldments
By:The Gordon Higginson Fellowship

The Gordon Higginson Fellowship formed to promote a healthy unfoldment and understanding of mediumistic abilities and essential spiritual teachings, suggests nine Unfoldments:

1. To awaken to the oneness of the Supreme Self and the immanent and transcendent Divine universe.
Thread of meaning: Behind the appearance of individuality there is an ultimate interconnectedness that permeates all – a Divinity that works and is universally present within our cosmos and also transcends it. There are numerous successive ways, openings and various centring levels of being through which this Truth can be realised and experienced, such as moments in nature and meditative states of awareness, through worship, forms of prayer, creative abilities and everyday acts of kindness.

2. To find unity with and realise the sacredness of all existence.
Thread of meaning: Life is unique, precious and sacred. As humans we belong to one global family and need to use our Divine gifts to find ways of becoming co-creators and overcome the boundaries that separate and stop us from caring for each other, as well as cherishing and protecting the earth and life upon it.

3. To explore wider states of consciousness and creative uses of transpersonal insight.
Thread of meaning: The transpersonal realm, which houses states of awareness beyond the restraints of personal identity, is interwoven with the collective unconscious mind. In the emergence of spiritual development, transcendent, transformative and unconscious influences can be revealed through various practices. Meditative, shamanistic, mystical and superconscious intuitive experiences all function through this level in an expansive number of ways and, if integrated correctly, they can help us become aware of the spirit’s existence and the infinite qualities of good within us.

4. To cultivate wholesome awareness and skilful use of the will.
Thread of meaning: Growth involves expanding our awareness in an ongoing healthy direction that helps us embody a balanced life. To find peace in our being and establish it in the communities in which we live, our actions and thoughts require elements of mindfulness, patience, wisdom and openness.

5. To harmonise one’s life and transcend the individual I-consciousness.
Thread of meaning: All areas and facets of our life – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – function more naturally when they are in tune with one another and harmonised into a complete whole. In the nurturing of spiritual growth our individual sense of ‘I’, which often seeks to protect itself and be favoured over others, will need to learn how to let life in securely before moving on to integrate all-embracing selfless states of being and uncovering unitive levels of consciousness. A healthy ‘I’ is therefore part of development.

6. To purify the mind and heart, and perform wise and compassionate actions.
Thread of meaning: The emotions and the mind are two essential areas that require exploration to see how they can become more wholesome, open to accepting others and spiritually engaged in life in skilful ways.

7. To attain selfless freedom in everyday living and activities.
Thread of meaning: By being in the present moment, cultivating congruent, deep and meaningful relationships with all and transforming inhibiting patterns of thought, action and reaction, we find liberation, creative interaction and spontaneousness, and more authentic realms of existence, love and awareness.

8. To honour the great wisdom traditions and be open to new truths and knowledge.
Thread of meaning: There are treasures in all the great traditions which can help us live a spiritually centred life. We also live in multi-cultural societies and are surrounded by people from different faiths. If we do not seek to understand our global neighbours, look for common ground and accept diversity, then we will never find lasting peace in the world or our development, as true growth does not imply only living in harmony with those who think the same as us. Equally, we need to be receptive to contemporary knowledge that widens our perceptions about life within and around us.

9. To grow continuously in the spiritual search and have joy in other people’s accomplishments.
Thread of meaning: Authentic growth is not self-centred, but an ongoing organic process that continuously expands to encompass all as a profound spiritual synthesis. When our development includes others, we open to the richness of their wisdom, goodness and creativity.

How The Nine Unfoldments were created:
The Gordon Higginson Fellowship took shape in the spring of 2006, when the internationally renowned teacher and medium Glyn Edwards began discussions with some friends and colleagues about forming a new spiritual organisation that would draw on more than one tradition and look at numerous areas connected with the whole of growth, including after-death and shamanistic states of consciousness, levels of mystical experience, spirit communication and, most importantly of all, realms of the Divinity-centred living and its implications for daily-life practices and co-creativity.

Before any meeting took place about the Fellowship’s formation, Glyn approached the spiritual writer Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston) about composing a list of what he felt were important areas of unfoldment, along with the wording for a mission statement that would summarise the Fellowship’s aims. These were then presented to a small gathering of friends who tentatively got together with Glyn to discuss the idea of a new fellowship.

From its humble beginning the Fellowship has continued to run numerous successful courses throughout the UK, received invitation form various overseas students and organisations to conduct training days and seminars, and published its first teachings book in the summer of 2008 – Realms of Wondrous Gifts by Santoshan – which looks at past and contemporary spirituality, the powers in the great wisdom traditions, and features two extensive and in-depth conversations with Glyn Edwards.

The Fellowship hopes that you will find some nourishment from which to draw on your spiritual journey in some of its essential courses and teachings.