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How Do I Have an Out of Body Experience?
By:Anna Houck

Can anyone have an out of body experience, or do I need to be psychic, or have sort of special skills to do so? Do you need to be in danger... or near death to leave your body, or with practice, can anyone have the spiritual adventure of a lifetime?

My BEST advice to those who want to explore the astral realms for themselves?

There are 2 ways to have an OBE. Only 2... and all out of body experiences fall into one of the following 2 categories.

Spontaneous OBE's

Induced (or intentional) OBE's

A spontaneous OBE is the stereotypical experience of leaving the body during danger, trauma or death. Most out of body experiences fall into this category, and obviously....there is very little you can do to induce this experience on your own. A subset of spontaneous OBE's are those that occur NOT near death or danger, but simply because of some natural proclivity or talent we don't yet understand. (Robert Monroe, the pioneer researcher into this whole field was an example of this... he didn't TRY to have an OBE, they just kept happening, and he resisted... until finally documenting and detailing the process for all)

INDUCED OBE's are the most interesting. This is the practice of learning how to intentionally explore the astral realms on your own, and are the most exciting area to explore.

Meditation is a great tool for facilitating an induced OBE, or astral projection experience.

So too is using sound technology like brain entrainment music, or binaural beats as they are more commonly called. (Robert Monroe, mentioned above, pioneered using this technology for inducing altered states of consciousness, and they remain the most scientifically validated approach used today)

Some people use DRUGS to induce an out of body adventure, with many great writers, artists and mystics using all sorts of hallucinogens with all sorts of interesting results. (I don't recommend this, as it's both not legal... and more importantly, not RELIABLE, as you don't know what's real, and what's a function of the chemicals)

Your best bet is to integrate 3 components.

Sound Technology


LOTS of practice! Some people can have their first OBE in minutes. Others, take days, weeks, months or even longer. I had MY first out of body experience by accident, and it wasn't until I began to really PRACTICE years later, that I was able to have my 2nd, 3rd... and many breathtakingly exciting astral adventures thereafter!