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Is Astral Projection Possible? The BIZARRE Astral Experience That I'll Never Forget
By:Anna Houck

"It was 10 after 12 on a routine Tuesday night. I knew the time because I could see the clock brightly shimmer with crystal clear clarity from the corner of the room. Only THIS night was anything but routine. And the corner of the room I occupied was up around the ceiling... and NOT by the bed, where my body laid still."

And so was my FIRST unexpected astral travel experience. It probably would be better to call it an OBE (out of body experience) because I really didn't travel far. As a matter of fact, it felt like only a minute after I noticed the clock... that my sense of "self" seemed to be sucked back into my body, without a moments notice.

It's funny, because if you would have asked me at 12.05 on that fateful Tuesday night, if I believed astral projection was real, I would have laughed at you. To me, anything that had to do with the spirit, or the psychic "stuff" was silly new age nonsense and NOT even a conversation I would consider entertaining.

And of course, many people who I've shared this story with, think that I must have been HALLUCINATING, or dreaming, or maybe I just drifted off, right?

Not only do I remember that moment with such incredible clarity of consciousness, I can remember looking down at my body with such certitude, and awareness that what I was experiencing was indeed happening, that no skeptic, cynic or eye rolling could ever prove to me otherwise.

Millions of people have experienced astral projection. And, since that fateful night, I have had many repeat adventures far more exciting, and exhilarating than the one I had that night in bed.

The difference between my FIRST experience, and the ones I had thereafter?

The first was "accidental". I didn't intend on having it. It just happened.

The rest have been INDUCED, or practiced, or intentional. I've had to work hard, and try very diligently to continue to experience what happened that very first night with ease.

The ONE thing that you can't get from reading an article, or the experience of someone else is the actual FEELING of floating. Of being free. Of being aware of your body, and yet simultaneously aware that you are NOT your body at all. We are each spiritual beings, encased in physical form, and of that one thing I am now 100% sure.

My best advice to you is this:

If you truly want to know for SURE that astral projection is possible, and that you have a spiritual "body" that is powerful beyond anything you can imagine, is to seek out the experience for yourself. Learn to slow down, go within and open up to the magic and the mystery that most will never know.

Train your mind to deeply relax, and absorb yourself in a sublime universe of panoramic power and potential that will change your life in ways you will never forget.

To me, this experience has been the greatest gift, as it was only 60 seconds long... but has led to a lifetime of amazing adventures ever since!