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How to Become Telekinetic

Telekinesis is a psychic ability. Those who demonstrate it can influence the properties of physical objects with the power of their mind. Skeptics dismiss it as clever magician's tricks. But when Uri Geller bends spoons and causes stopped watches to resume ticking during his public shows, genuine telekinesis is likely involved. Although scientists can't explain how it works, experimentation on telekinesis continues in many research labs, globally.

Practice meditation to enhance your concentration. A basic exercise involves focusing on a single concept such as your breathing while sitting in a comfortable posture at a quiet location within your home. Take 15 to 30 minutes for this exercise at the same time, daily.

Begin with micro-telekinesis. Concentrate on changing the outcome of a random number generator. As a beginner, the power of your mind may not be sufficient to move matches but it may have the strength to influence computer devices that work at the quantum level.

Move up to bigger objects once you had success in Step 2. Suspend a small object, such as a match, in a sealed glass jar. While it remains still and is undeterred by external vibrations, focus on causing it to swing.

Replace the match in the jar with some other object of equivalent weight, if you had no success with the match. Try a different object every week. Utilize non-metallic as well as metallic objects.

Read books on theories that explain how mind couples with matter. Make sure these books are written by parapsychologists and are grounded in science. An understanding of how this aspect of nature works can increase the power of your mind.

Be persistent. Do not call it quits even if you think you're getting nowhere. Tell yourself that you will become telekinetic.