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Past Life Regression Training
By:Mark Bingaman

Practitioners of past life regression therapy use hypnosis as a means of recalling the events of previous lifetimes or different incarnations of existence. The goal typically includes realization of a psychologically therapeutic or spiritual experience. Training is available not only to physicians and other health care practitioners but also to those simply interested in exploring the possibility of such phenomena.

Whether someone is interested in learning the therapeutic practice for personal benefit or to become a certified practitioner, past life regression training may include self-help books, online and in-person seminars, or individualized instruction from physicians and schools. "The pursuit of past life memories derives from the desire to put present life experiences, personality, and character into context within the full progression of the soul," writes Mary Lee LaBay in her book, "Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners." Those who indulge in the technique typically view each human existence as one step in the ongoing maturation of individual human souls.

Dr. Brian Weiss has written a variety of books detailing past life regression techniques and conducts seminars across the world. His classes are designed to provide instruction for those primarily intrigued for personal reasons. "Attendees will learn interviewing techniques, demonstrate and practice individual regressions and participate in large and small group exercises with ample time provided to process the work," according to Dr. Weiss' website.

Groups like the American Hypnosis Association offer in-person certification courses for hypnotherapists wishing to expand the scope of their practice. The trade group promotes the course as offering an "Understanding of past-lives, karma, soul-mates and regression therapy." Participants will also receive instruction in the ethics involved with past-life regression therapy, approaches for the release of phobias and pain, and scripts and other ideas focused on how to ask non-leading questions and pry forth specific information.

The International Association for Regression Research and Therapies (IARRT) provides a wide variety of courses for both novices and professionals alike-psychotherapists, marriage and family counselors, social workers, nurses, massage therapists, chiropractors, physicians, hypnotists, alternative health care practitioners and those simply interested in learning the skills. Seminars of this sort are conducted at various locations across the world and provide the sort of personalized, close contact setting that may be beneficial to constructive teaching.

A multitude of books and online courses exist that may, or may not, be credible sources of instruction. As with many areas of phenomena, charlatans do exist. "Some of the psychics listed in the phone book or who have 1-900 numbers may not have the gifts to give you a credible past life reading," says Michael R. Hathaway in his book, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Past Life Regression." He notes that it is always a good idea to be somewhat skeptical and thoroughly investigate--as well as become quite comfortable with the ethics of-a particular provider of past life regression therapy.