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How to Pick Up EVP Noise Using a Computer Microphone
By:Maura Banar

Electronic voice phenomenon, or EVP, is an unexplained voice that may or may not be immediately audible. EVPs can be recorded by nearly any device, including a handheld digital recorder or a computer microphone. An external computer microphone may be easier to work with, since it can be moved in different directions, but an internal microphone can also be used to record EVPs. It's important to listen to recordings with an objective ear, because some sounds can be misinterpreted as EVPs when in fact they are not.

Set up your computer in an area that is not heavily traveled. You want to have as much control over ambient noise as possible, so that you can identify it in the recording. If you are using an external microphone, place it where you won't accidentally bump into it. Keep books and anything that might block sound away from the microphone.

Load your computer with software for recording. Many researchers use Adobe Audition for listening to EVPs, because it provides a way to change amplitude, volume and other things that might be hiding an EVP. As an alternative, Audacity is a free program that works just fine for EVP recording (see Resources).

Turn on the computer and pull up your chosen recording program. Do a test recording using your voice and play the recording back to make sure your levels are normal, like a spoken voice should sound.

Begin recording by pressing the program's record button on the screen. Wait a moment, then ask questions such as, "Is anyone here with me?" Leave time between questions, as some EVPs appear a few seconds following the end of a question. Pace your questions as if you were interviewing someone. Generally, EVP sessions last 10 to 15 minutes, although there is no set rule for time limits.