Articles about Spirituality

What Are Mediums?
By:Stacey Buckner

The "middle man" between the physical world and the spiritual world, a medium is an ordinary person, male or female, with the ability to communicate with the spirits of those who are deceased. Through experimental sessions, or seances, mediums provide evidence of the existence of the afterlife. There are different forms of mediumship practiced; however, mental mediumship and physical mediumship are the most dominant.

Mental Mediumship--Clairvoyance
The definition of clairvoyant is "clearly seeing." Clairvoyant mediums have an extrasensory perception of sight. They can see the spirit they are in contact with either with their mind's eye, with their physical eyes or both. The images they see do not represent the future, but are based on the past. However, there are some clairvoyant mediums who are able to predict the future. Images seen by these mediums are not always of the human form; they can be an animal or an object as well.

Mental Mediumship--Clairaudience
A clairaudience medium hears the spirit rather than sees it. The definition of clairaudience is "clear hearing." A medium of this sort hears the voice in her mind, her thoughts or with her physical ears. These voices may be faint or as clear as if the spirit was in the same room. Sometimes clairaudience mediums hear singing or music instead of or in addition to voices.

Mental Mediumship--Clairsentience
The most common form of mental mediumship is clairsentience. Clairsentience means "clear presence." This means that the medium senses the presence of a spirit, usually through feelings. They may physically feel a touch or they may feel cold breezes. They might even smell fragrances associated with the spirit. Clairsentience mediums sometimes assist authorities in criminal investigations.

Physical Mediumship--Transfiguration
When the lighting in the room is appropriate, the face of the spirit can be seen on the face of the medium. This is called transfiguration. Sometimes the facial features of the medium completely disappear.

Physical Mediumship--Direct Voice
This type of medium uses a cone-shaped object called a trumpet to communicate with the spirit. The trumpet has a hole at each end. It is placed in the center of the table and when the necessary atmosphere is present, the trumpet floats and sound emerges from the pointed end.

Physical Mediumship--Apports
Sometimes spirits bring forth physical objects to their loved ones, called apports. These can be jewelry, books, money or other significant objects.

Physical Mediumship--Trance
A trance occurs when a spirit takes over a medium's body. The spirit communicates with the voice and body of the medium. The medium is in a sleep-like state, withholding her own thoughts, but is aware of the presence of the spirit.