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How to Become a Psychic Reader
By:Nannette Richford

If you have been blessed with psychic abilities, you may be searching for a way to put those abilities to good use and help others. Becoming a psychic reader is one way to help others by providing them with insight and guidance to help them in their daily lives. Like any other profession, becoming a psychic reader requires preparation and training.

Learn to mediate. Meditating allows you to contact the universal mind that contains all records of actions, words, thoughts and deeds in a person's life. Referred to as akashic records, the universal mind is the source of your powers and provides guidance and teaching (see Resources).

Learn to recognize symbols and messages. You may receive messages through any of your senses and must learn to interpret those images to help others. You may experience messages in one or more forms like visual images, auditory voices, smell, taste or simply by intuitive knowing. Images are often disguised and are symbols that you must learn to interpret accurately. When an image is unclear, return to the image for clarification. You may suddenly receive further images or feelings that help you decipher the message.

Refine your skills by practicing with people you know and trust to provide honest feedback. Without feedback, you will not know if your reading is accurate or if you are making vital errors in interpretation. The more you practice and evaluate feedback from others, the better you will get at interpreting images and sensory information to deliver accurate readings.

Let go of the fear of being wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, and psychics are no exception. Errors provide for your learning and help you in developing your skills. Embrace errors as an opportunity to refine your skills and develop accuracy.

Join a development circle of other psychics who are learning to become psychic readers. This provides a safe environment for learning with others who understand and support your goals (see Resources).

Offer your services to others when you feel secure that you are able to make accurate readings that will benefit the lives of others. Word will spread of your ability and you will be on your way to becoming a respected psychic reader.