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How to Practice Shamanism

Shamanism is a mystical religion that believes that the spirit world can be controlled. A shaman believer puts faith in the idea that healing the spirit will also heal their body. Shamans, the leaders of this world, are commonly referred to as Medicine Men. These Medicine Men lead the process of healing spiritual and physical ailments. If you are interested in practicing shamanism, you may wish to learn more about the religion.

Learn About the Religion:

Research the history of shamanism through Joseph Campbell, an author highly regarded for his written information on shamanism.

Investigate shaman schools, such as The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, to receive training (see Resources below). Although some cultures believe you cannot train to be a shaman, others support the philosophy.

Price the facilities you are investigating to see what you can afford. Some shaman training schools are very expensive, but weekend workshops or retreats may be moderately priced.

Train for Shaman Practice:

Learn more about shamanism and your ability--or lack of ability--to practice it by visiting Tengerism.org (see Resources below). Under Tengerism belief, you cannot become a shaman without being born with the gift.

Enroll in a training facility to receive certification as a shaman, if you believe it is possible to train to practice shamanism.

Learn the principles of shamanism if you are only interested in practicing shamanism in private. There is excellent guidance through several accredited organizations to help you practice the mystical religion of shamanism in your daily life.

Exercise Healing:

Set up a shamanism practice. If you are interested in using your shamanism training to help others on a public basis, setting up a practice is one of the best ways to make your services available.

Decide whether or not you plan to charge people for your services when you heal. Some shamans do not charge for their healing services.

Contact the training program that you have completed to get the word out regarding your certification as a shaman. Some training programs provide lists of those who hold a completed training certificate.