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How to Become a Spiritualist Medium
By:Laura Britton

Spiritualism is a combination of philosophy, science and religion that draws on several practices for communication with the dead. The person who conducts this communication is known as a medium or a channel, and he is trained to allow messages from the dead to pass through him to the message's intended recipient. A spiritualist medium is usually a person with a natural inclination toward this type of communication. However, you can take certain steps to increase your natural skill as a medium or simply open you to the experience.

How to Become a Spiritualist Medium

Attend a spiritualist church to understand the religion and philosophy from a first-hand experience (see link in Resources).

Research several forms of mental mediumship to see which ones appeal to you. Mental mediumship includes telepathy, inspired writing, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Research several forms of physical mediumship to see which ones appeal to you. Physical mediumship includes telekinesis, automatic writing, table tapping and trance.

Cleanse and charge several quartz crystals by placing them in a sunny window for a full month.

Devote 2 to 3 hours per week to practicing the medium techniques that you feel drawn to while wearing, holding or sitting in a circle made by your crystals.