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How to Find a Spiritualist Church
By:Katherine Harder

Spiritualist churches share some similarity with Christian churches. Spiritualist churches hold weekend church services, study the Bible and believe in the Christian God. At least as many dissimilarities as similarities exist between the two religions, however. Spiritualists not only discard the ideas of heaven and hell, but also reject the popular Christ as "savior" belief. Spiritualists create their own destinies partially through telepathy, traveling though past lives, astrology, palmology and other psychic phenomenon. If you are a member of the Spiritualist faith, or are considering joining a Spiritualist church, you can use online databases to help you find a church.

Visit an online Spiritualist church database, such as the National Spiritualist Association's church directory, the Sunset Spiritualist Church website's church listings or the New York Psychic website's church listings. You might want to visit all three, since some of the directories include listings that the others do not.

Scroll until you locate your state or select your state from the group of links, depending on which database you use. Look through the listings in your state and find the closest churches listed to you. Visit their websites if they have one listed.

Visit the addresses located in your area. You could also call the phone number listed or send a message to the listed email address. Inquire about service schedules and whether the church holds readings, healings or meditation groups.

Schedule a visit to the church or churches in your area. Attend a service or a healing to get a feel for the church and to decide which Spiritualist church is a good fit for you.