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What is Spiritual - Spirituality
By:Lisa C Moore

Spiritualism is a religion, a science and a philosophy. They believe in the existence of God although their ideas about God are not fixed. they believe that all mankind should live in harmonious brotherhood and they believe that a part of man, his soul or spirit, exists for eternity.

These concepts are common to most religions, however in Spiritualism they try to give people evidence that the soul exists and that after death it continues on into another realm, in the spirit-world.

Spiritualism doesn't tell you what you should believe or how you should interpret religious philosophy. They have no books that must be followed, they have no preachers whose word must be obeyed. As a guideline to their religious thinking they have their Seven Principles, but exactly what these mean and how they can be applied to our lives is up to the individual.

The purpose for our lives and how we should live them is not dictated by Spiritualism. They have an individual flexible concept of God and beliefs among Spiritualists are often different. How they understand the world and spiritual matters depends upon each persons individual experience and knowledge.

Whilst alot of people need to be under some kind of religious 'umbrella' there are also people who are happy without following any particular religious path. I am such a person, I am curious about most religions, whilst the concepts of Spiritualism press alot of the right buttons for me, however I do not class my self as a Spiritualist. When people ask what religion I follow, I tend to say none, but I am a spiritual person.

Are you a person who feels safe following a particular religion. Is your religious beliefs also that of your family and forebears. Did you decide to break away from 'family tradition' and follow your own path?

I have been interested in all things related to spiritualism, meditation, self development for as long as I can remember. The fascination never fades but the information keeps coming.

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