Spirit Art

Abby Rose Newman
Spirit Portraits <abigail.guzinski@gmail.com>

Everyone has help from another realm a connection that guides and protects you. Psychic Artist Abby Rose captures the essence of light that guides and protects you through her artwork.

Clients of Abby Roses’ have seen in her art work Loved ones and friends, Angels, Spirit Guides, spiritual symbols and even pets. While Abby is sketching faces can appear and disappear, images morph and change.

"I work in layers using different medias; painting, drawing, and sketching. The images build layer upon layer until I hear a whisper in my mind or get a feeling of what the image is. I can queue into it adding the last touches to the finished image. Often times, someone else can see other things in the art piece that I didn’t even realize that I had drawn. I believe healing takes place in the creative process. When I step back and see something at a different angle, I know the healing has happened. What is right in front of you takes time to understand and it is the joy that fills my heart when I can help another see what it is beyond a piece of physical paper.Art is feeling. It is an in-depth creation from the heart".

“When drawing, spontaneous marks create an automatic response to the image. Connecting the dots is my skill. I believe in random chance, it is to be that way, as all things are connected and these reasons cannot be explained

Her work is interpretative. looking past a line what you see changes from one viewing to the next.