Spirit Art

Jan Dayton, Spirit Artist, Spiritualist Healer and Medium
Spirit Portraiture

Jan connects with your loved ones and friends bringing evidence of their survival and guidance through a taped message and charcoal/pastel portrait. Pictures of your Spirit Guide are also available should you prefer.

"I thank Spirit for the greatest honour to “draw” the face of a child and see the joy return fleetingly to a grieving parent’s face, the look of love in a wife or husband’s eyes when they receive the knowledge that their partner is still very much “alive” and not lost forever, nothing else can compare and I will strive always to try to bring this peace of mind whenever I can and wherever I am."

About Jan:
Jan is a Sussex Healer and has been practising for quite a while now. She holds development workshops and circles on Mediumship, psychic, spirit art/psychic art and healing from her home in West Sussex.

Below: Examples of Jan's Spirit Portraiture