Spirit Art

Sandy Ingham
Spirit Portraiture

Iím a psychic artist, which basically means that my spirit guide, who was himself a well known artist in his time, is able to work with me to produce accurate portraits. The drawings are mostly photographic likenesses of close family members in spirit, e.g. mums, dads, children, grandparents, although I have sometimes drawn people who will be significant in the future, or even given a likeness of the person receiving it! Characters donít change Ė if they didnít like having their picture taken when they were living, chances are they still donít, so sometimes theyíll bring pictures of living family members instead.

In cases where people have passed to spirit as a result of old age or illness, they often donít want to be remembered like that, so will come back as they were when they were younger or in happier times, and often, there is a photo to match the picture that Iíve drawn.

Working with such a talented medium as Stephen Holbrook is a fantastic experience as I benefit from his phenomenal psychic energy, and of course I have the opportunity to reach out to greater numbers of people to offer the comfort and reassurance that my own gift so often brings.

It is a real privilege and a humbling experience to be able to provide proof in the form of these drawings, completed in just minutes, of people I have never known or seen, offering such tangible evidence of Ďlife after lifeí. I look forward to meeting many of you at some of Steve's demonstrations in the future, to share this with you.

I am also happy to sketch spirit-channelled portraits on request of family, friends, and/or spirit guides. I do require a sample of your handwriting to connect with your energy in order to provide these portraits.