Spirit Art

Agnes Krumins
Spiritual Healing Art (paintings) <heartawareness@yahoo.com>

Through luminous iridescent colors in various media I desire to express healing spiritual art. I am an accomplished prolific freelance painter and visual artist that specializes in spiritual healing art. My medium is acrylic on canvas and mixed media on paper. I am represented internationally in specialty retail stores, art galleries and private collection. Born in Toronto, Canada, into an artistic family, I have been creating spiritual healing art for more than 40 years that ranges from handcrafted greeting cards to abstracts to mural size paintings. Many of my clients have spoken of the healing power of my art. They have told me their stories how my art has helped them to heal from illness, trauma and life challenging situations. Children of all ages love to collect my handcrafted greeting cards, and display them on the walls of their room. I've created a special Healing Gateway a powerful artistic expression that provides a bridge to healing, inspiration, empowerment, creativity and transformation that leads us to an expanded view of our Selves. Please visit my website for visual feast of my artwork. - Thank You, Agnes