Spirit Art

Courtney Kimmick
Spirit Portrait Art <spiritart@courtneykimmick.com>

Courtney Kimmick is a compassionate and accomplished psychic, medium, Reiki III healer and Spirit Portrait Artist. She is a certified Medium and Psychic through IMPART, Santa Ana CA. Courtney is known for her ability to bring through accurate evidential messages from loved ones in spirit. As a medium, Courtney works with the spirit world using her abilities as a clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and artist to help bring you peace, closure and healing.

Courtney is a Spirit portrait artist, which is a unique way in which ‘spiritual mediums’ are able to communicate with friends and family who reside within the spiritual realm. During your reading, Courtney allows spirit to work through her, and under their influence she draws images of loved ones in spirit. This is a lasting gift from spirit, providing proof of their survival, and that we are never alone in our journey! Whether you seek a connection with a deceased loved one, or are seeking guidance with life, relationships, or career, Courtney will lovingly help you navigate through this challenging maze of life.