Animals Have Souls, Too

Article: The Bizarre Experience That Convinced Me My Pet Went to "Heaven": Pet Psychics
Tina Bardo

Are pet psychics real? What do they do? Can they really communicate with animals in the afterlife, or is that simply silly new age nonsense? And if there is a "heaven" for our pets, will be able to see them again when our lives end as well?

If you have ever loved, and lost a pet... the simple truth is, it's one of the most painful experiences anyone can have. In some ways, and I know this sounds crazy, but losing a beloved pet can be one of the most devastating life experiences we can have... often rivaling that of losing our closest "human" companions as well.

So, when I found myself communicating with my beloved pet pug... after his sudden death about 5 years ago, with the help of a pet psychic medium, you can say I was both SURPRISED, shocked and a bit skeptical as well.

After all... I wanted to believe, but wrapping my brain around the idea that my pet was close to me, and able to communicate with the psychic took my boggle threshold beyond the point I was comfortable.

And yet...

The things she described, in very specific detail, were very hard to ignore, or write off as lucky guesses. She was very clear, very specific and cited many little games and "inside" experiences that I truly think were unique enough to leave me scratching my head for a good 20 minutes during the reading.

And amazingly, towards the end of the reading, I TRULY felt that my beloved pet was indeed communicating with this pet psychic.

I asked the psychic afterwards how exactly communication works with pets, and the afterlife. (as a writer and researcher of psychic and paranormal phenomena, I'm well versed in the art and science of how many mediums operate, especially the ones I don't trust a lick!)

She told me it was akin to getting mental pictures, and that no real "words" are exchanged, but that she can FEEL the love the animal feels, and in reverse, the love we feel for our pets as well. As a matter of fact, she said the clarity of the images, and the emotional impressions are more pronounced, and easier to read, the closer the bond between "owner" and pet was in life.

And very similarly to readings done by mediums who speak to people...

Some of the people I spoke to afterwards, even folks I know have a new age "bent", had a difficult time accepting the idea that there is an afterlife for our pets. But others were entirely convinced, including some who had personal experiences with seeing their pets after they had crossed over... in very detailed dreams, and even while totally awake.

What REALLY awaits us all is up for much debate...

But after this experience, I truly believe that our pets continue on much the way we do, and if our love is strong enough, and our connection continues, we WILL see them again as well!

(There IS an Afterlife for Animals and our cherished pets... and You Can PROVE it to Yourself... 100% Guaranteed!)