Animals Have Souls, Too

Article: Papa Swan's orb photographed at Lost Lagoon, Vancouver

Lost Lagoon’s treasured mates, “Mama and Papa Swan” had been a couple for about 20 years. They did just about everything together. One spot on the southwest shore was a favourite where they’d lie down on the road as if they were the only swans in the universe, enjoying a pleasant chat (“snort!”) after sharing their evening feeding by a bench beneath a great old weeping willow.

Mama lost her precious mate in May 2011, and mourned him day by day. Slowly over time she began to regain a little of her spirit, and to eat again. She’s the most timid swan of the fleet, but it was with real determination she walked to that special spot where she and Papa Swan had shared so much time in the past. She still likes to rest after her meal and looked so pretty one sunny day in November 2011, I took her picture (third one below). There, in the image, is a rainbow-hued orb floating nearby (see top right of the picture). Surely Mama Swan is still finding comfort in the presence of her dear companion.

Dec 20, 2010, Papa and Mama Swan's dinner:

Mama and Papa relaxing after their dinner:

Below: Nov 2011, Mama alone at their special spot near the bench... but look at the top right corner...