Animals Have Souls, Too

Article: James The Cat is watching his "Mommy" from the Spirit World

A couple of years ago, UK Medium Leah Bond gave me a first reading. Amid relatives of myself and of my husband who were communicating with me from the Spirit World through Leah, she sensed a big cat... She described the cat and I understood that it was our beloved JTC (James The Cat) who had passed to Spirit some 10 years earlier.

He told Leah that I have kept his collar and that I look at it at times!

Isn't it amazing! And it is totally true. JTC's collar is in a tin box together with a few other precious mementos, ready to be taken outdoors in case of fire. And every 6 months or so, when I clean the drawer where the tin box is, I open the tin box and give a kiss to the collar.

And he sees that...

Can't wait to kiss that cat profusely when I arrive in the Spirit World!!!