Animals Have Souls, Too

Article: Living in the beautiful West Sussex countryside
Lou Bertram, Massage Therapist, Clairvoyant and Reiki Master

Living in the beautiful West Sussex countryside, there are quite a lot of road-kills – deer, badger, pheasants, etc. A part of living in the country. As a caring spiritualist, I used to – like many other people – be upset at seeing an animal on the road who had often suffered whilst dying. I would turn away, unable or unwilling to accept that level of pain.

Once I became a Medium, I linked in with the dead animal’s Spirit. Each time, I would offer my condolences to the poor animal. Each time, through my pain at their loss, I would receive the same clear message from the animal’s spirit: “I’m free, I’m absolutely fine. There is no more pain.” Each time I would cry with relief and continue my journey upset for quite some time by the sight I’d seen.

When my brother’s pony died this year, I connected with her spirit and felt an amazing freedom from her – she had no boundaries! She was free to gallop where she desired.

It is only recently that I’ve been able to accept, on an inner level, there really is no pain for them. (I was transferring my pain onto their lifeless body.) The pain is ours and our reluctance to embrace our own pain which we reflect onto others (human and animal). Our apparent happiness can so easily be clouded by angst, sadness and pain and our day can be ruined, albeit temporarily.

This can be healed very easily. The way through this pain is acceptance of it being our own pain, from our own experiences (which is being reflected by the dead animal). This can be done with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or just full awareness and being in the moment or by connecting with the Divine in us. When we connect so deeply within ourselves, we come to a place of understanding, healing and pure love. Usually we deny our pain and move away from the cause – as we would a fire which was burning us. This is a coping mechanism but doesn’t heal the pain.

We “fight” terrorism. How can we fight it when we don’t know who or what it is? Rather, we are fighting a place within us which has become “bad”. When we realise this and “clean” it, we become free from that struggle. We release all resistance and “go with the flow”. We can then enjoy our lives, free, accepting and loving. Again this can be done by connecting with the Divine in each of us and being open to the healing and love within each and every one of us.

Louisa Bertram
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