Animals Have Souls, Too

Animal Healing/Communication: USA - Kentucky and Remotely. Also Clairvoyant, Clairaudiant and Spiritual Medium
Judy Fuson, USA and by telephone

Judy is a gifted psychic, teacher, author and horse trainer with over twenty years experience in “talking with animals.” She works with pet owners on behavior problems, illness and unsoundness in dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

In a reading she can tell you what your pet thinks and feels physically and emotionally. She also aids in the search for lost or stolen pets. Her readings are done in person or by telephone and the pet does not have to be present with the owner or Judy for a reading to take place.

She is available for group readings at horse barns or kennels. Her seminars topics range from animal communication to all aspects of psychic development. The majority of her work revolves around animals but her clairvoyant gifts provide information on any aspect of life that the client wishes to know about.