Animals Have Souls, Too

Animal Healing/Communication: USA - New York City and Middleburgh, and Remotely
Coryelle Kramer

As an animal communicator, Coryelle receives information from your companion through mental pictures, thoughts, concepts and feelings. A session can be profoundly touching, informative, healing and sometimes quite humorous.

Coryelle has been communicating with animals since her childhood. She grew up in the heart of New York City and in the countryside of upstate New York and always had animals around her. Later on in her 20's she embarked on a spiritual journey, inspired by the desire to learn more about her Indian ancestry (both of her father's parents were Native American).

In her sessions, Coryelle many time utilizes combinations of animal communication, Reiki and Bach Flower therapy to help resolve behavioral issues in your pets.

She has clients throughout the world and consultations are be done either by phone, in person, email, or with skype.