Animals Have Souls, Too

Book: Hidden Evil - The soul of an animal comes from the same source GOD; just as human souls do.
Caterina Ligato <caterina@caterinaligato.com.au>

My guides have urged me to write this book on the ill-effects of eating meat and the mistreatment of animals.

Everyone says they are against animal cruelty, slavery, unnecessary violence, picking on the weak and defenseless and siding with the aggressor, etc. yet when we consume these meat products, we are in direct violation of these principles.


Caterina Ligato is a highly profiled long-established medium, spiritual healer, author and a passionate vegan. In her third book, Hidden Evil, she collaborated with two animal rights activists and a researcher.

Early in 2017, Caterina experienced psychic visions in which she witnessed the torture and excruciating deaths of animals inside slaughterhouses. Through well-honed psychic senses she saw terrified animals, smelt blood, saw and heard chainsaws slicing into them. She also experienced a vision of pigs screaming inside a gas chamber – and more.

These visions spurred her to investigate animal agriculture in Australia and around the world. She was shocked and horrified by what she learned and immediately ceased consumption of meat and dairy and fish.

During her fast transition to veganism, she channelled new information from her spirit guides outlining spiritual consequences, coupled with negative health conditions arising from consuming meat and dairy. She provides new insight into the process by which animals’ souls are drawn to the earth plane repeatedly by the fast-growing collective human subconscious demand to eat meat.

She collaborated with two animal activists – George Martin from London, England, and James Aspey from Australia – and a researcher/compiler – Anne Kennedy.

Hidden Evil entwines the unique experiences of two very passionate animal activists hard work and education, with ground-breaking new spiritual insights, proving that caring, aware and motivated people the world over are closing ranks, from the ground up.

Hidden Evil is testimony in action, demonstrating the power of people from different countries and backgrounds sharing a united vision as the vegan movement grows in exponential momentum.

Hidden Evil eBook is AUD$5.00 and all proceeds will go to animal sanctuaries.


Dedication………………………………………………………………………………............... …….9
Introduction……………………………………………………………............................ .10
Chapter 1 - New Year Vision Caterina Ligato………………………………….. ..11
Chapter 2 - New Insight into the Oldest War Caterina Ligato…………… 23
Chapter 3 - Q & A George Martin…………………………………………………….… .35
Chapter 4 - Born That Way – Cultural Conditioning Caterina Ligato ..41
Chapter 5 - Your Wake-Up Call James Aspey………………………………… …51
Chapter 6 - Spiritual Consequences Caterina Ligato…………………… ….83
Chapter 7 - Divine Solutions Caterina Ligato……………………………….... ..87
Chapter 8 - Favourite Recipes Caterina Ligato……………………………………99
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The reason for the word ‘Hidden’ is due to slaughterhouses strategically placed away from residential and business areas - away from areas of human activity. In this way people never hear the animals crying and screaming in pain as they die slowly; or smell death.

The word ‘Hidden’ - as slaughterhouses are closed sheds – becoming out of sight, out of mind.

The reason for the word ‘Evil’ is animals are mass produced and genetically manipulated; some species fed hormones, antibiotics and at times force fed the flesh of their own species (and are by nature herbivores).

‘Evil’ because of the control of animal agricultural industry, working in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry.

‘Evil’ because of the carcinogens in meat.

‘Evil’ because billions of animals around the world are tortured and killed, a larger percentage of those as babies.

EXCERPT from pages 19 & 20 of Hidden Evil

Then one morning, just before daybreak, I was woken by a heavenly light shining down on me. This light was bright and warm and I felt an enveloping presence of love fill my being with an incredible rupture of love in my heart. I felt mercy and compassion. It was so overwhelming I began to cry as I lay still, unable to move. All I could do was surrender and allow the purpose of this visitation to reveal itself.

As I looked up I saw the tunnel of light that I had seen so many times. This tunnel appears just before someone is about to die, where the soul, at the time of his or her passing, walks to reach the other side, the spirit world.

There is always someone, a friend, a family member, pet or angel in the tunnel waiting to take the soul lovingly home. This has always been the most moving part of my work. I have been witness to this journey many times and it always moves me to tears. But on this occasion, I felt I was being blessed by a supernatural visitation.

Within the tunnel, I saw endless spirits of animals. It was difficult to tell them apart. They all seemed happy, free and in loving unity with each other. Mother and baby animals huddled together. I could see pink lights around their heart chakras where the bond of love held them together. It was a joy to witness these sentient beings peacefully resting in God's world. I was touched by the love these animals felt for each other. I had never been witness to the animal kingdom in all its glory. I felt intense love coming from them all.

I began to feel my spirit guides and angels surround me in a circle of love. I heard the voice of God. I felt his love crying out for his animals and deploring the way humans destroy the lives of these innocent creatures.

"This must stop!"

These words felt like thunder and lightning piercing my soul. Suddenly everything went pitch black. It seemed darkness had swallowed the light. I heard the growling and an evil laughter from Satan himself. He was laughing and screaming at me, "I am the destroyer of life. I bring curses onto the animals and onto the humans that eat them". I immediately began to pray and call on God. Peace entered and Satan vanished.

That day and for many days to follow I prayed and meditated for God to shed light on the events of that morning. God began to urge me to investigate the slaughterhouses, what the animals were fed and how this was the cause of sickness, mental fatigue and depression in humans. I can only tell you that it has left me shocked, broken-hearted, angry and wanting the truth to be told.

We are all part of God, including the animals of this world. This world belongs to all of us.

EXCERPT from pages 25 & 26

When a soul is stuck between worlds it begins to realise that trying to exist the way it did when it was alive is no longer possible. Over time they become aware that most people can no longer see them, this begins to cause them endless distress and suffering as they cannot fit into the physical reality and are afraid to move into the unknown spirit realms, which is where they need to be.

Part of my journey and destiny is to help these lost souls by communicating with them. This allows me to gain their trust, and they allow me help them accept their deaths and to guide them home. Once they begin to take their first steps into the divine tunnel of light, I watch the burdens and struggles lift away, I see them smiling as their loved ones gather to beckon them home and often they look back at me and wave goodbye. This always brings tears to my eyes. These are the moments I feel blessed and grateful for my God-given gifts.

Going back to this particular day I was in the home of my dear client helping a few souls transition into the spirit realms. As the souls crossed and waved good bye, I expected to feel happiness as I always had done whist doing this work. Instead, I felt this sudden gush of sadness take over my body my heart began to fill with incredible pain.

Tears were streaming down my face and I felt God’s voice say to me “The souls of every single animal that lives on Earth also goes through this process, at the time of their death. The soul of every animal must also return to the spirit realms”.

This I knew to be true as I had seen many spirits of pet animals in God’s world and assured many grieving pet owners that their loving pet was happily bouncing around in the realms of heaven. But on this particular day God intended for me to bear witness to another kind of animal life.

EXCERPT from page 38 & 39

George: It's going to be a long road, but what oppression throughout history wasn't?

Imagine if the suffragettes listened when people told them, "You'll never make a difference". That's how we need to be when people tell us we're not fighting for a worthy cause, or that we're not changing anything.

If we're not changing anything, then why are the meat, dairy, egg and fish industries bombarding us with a constant supply of propaganda to try to trick people into believing we need to eat their products? They're scared, because they know the world is waking up, and change is inevitable.

EXCERPT from pages 66 & 67

I know a lot of people are afraid to talk about veganism, or they’re afraid to do something for the vegan movement, they don’t want to ostracize themselves from their friends, from their family, and I understand it, there are struggles like that, there are troubles.

I would recommend the first thing you do, the very first thing, is to remember that our friends and our family and every other person who is not yet vegan on this planet, is not our enemy, they are not our enemies.

They cannot help it; just like we couldn't help it before we were vegan.

We didn't know any better.

It was not our fault that we were all born into a world that has conditioned us to love some animals, love dolphins, love dogs, love whales, kill and eat pigs, cows, chickens, fish.

We’ve been conditioned since school we need calcium from cow's milk, we need protein from animal flesh. We've been taught these things; we've been told: “A meal is not a meal unless there is some piece of an animal on there somewhere”.

Our friends and family are no different. They cannot help that they have been born into this world. Don’t make them your enemies. Help them, help raise their awareness.

EXCERPT from pages 84 & 85

Can you imagine the presence of God, who is all-good, all-giving, and all-loving, walking through a slaughterhouse and how would he feel? Do you think he would see this scenario as a blessed and loving environment?

Can you imagine how Satan would feel and react if he physically walked through a slaughterhouse scenario with animals strung up and being cut into pieces?

Of course, these slaughterhouse environments are contrary to all that God represents.

On the other hand, these environments are conducive to what Satan represents.

EXCERPT from pages 90 & 91

We are giving the realms of evil, power over us and our world. With every intense and repeated act of evil thought and deed we connect to the realms of hell. We bring this energy into our lives, our homes and our planet, and it quickly contaminates our souls.

The energy of the blood shed is washed away into the earth that is crying out for help.

Our planet cannot hold all this intense energy and not suffer but we can all see the suffering of every living thing on our planet trying to survive trying to heal and most of all trying to feel love. The only way out of this is to reach out to God, pray, meditate and consume light living food.

I am so disappointed with the religious and spiritual leaders of our world who refuse to speak about this matter. They should be guiding their people and making them aware of this diabolical situation. Instead they tell us to go to God and ask for what we want and need, to pray for prosperity, better homes, better jobs, better everything that feeds our needs and apparently, God is expected to deliver all our needs. When behind us is this travesty of pain and suffering of our animals.

EXCERPT from pages 92 & 93

God did not create us above or better than any other life form. We are all equal and when we partake in this evil, sinful act, we become part of the sin. Therefore, we incur karma.

The karma and ill effects of this situation, is human sickness both mentally and physically. You only need to look around to see that the diets we have been led to believe are good for us are in fact slowly killing us. Almost everyone I know is being medicated or suffering chronic pain; many children have endless allergies and sickness, many that there is no explanation or cure for.

I ask you to reach out into your hearts and ask if this is what God intended for his animals and for the needy and poor children of our world. These children also have a right to live, to eat and to love.