Animals Have Souls, Too

Article: How to Tell if You Are an Animal Psychic
Tom Ryan

While some people are content to live a life of quiet dominance over their pets, others feel compelled to communicate with them telepathically. If you believe that you may possess psychic powers that enable you to speak with animals using your mind, do not feel obligated to spend your life wondering what could be -- instead, sit down with your pet or another animal and put your psychic abilities to the test. If you find that you have a psychic connection, you could, in theory, pursue your apparent abilities and practice further animal communication.

Sit down with your pet or another animal -- one with which you hope to communicate. Close your eyes and relax, taking deep breaths.

Practice deep breathing until you are calm and collected. Focus on your psychic energy, imagining it as a ball of bright light manifesting itself inside your body and extending out toward all living beings.

Ignore any skeptical or cynical thoughts you may retain about this process. If you do not believe that this communication is possible, it is doomed to fail.

Imagine the light inside of you -- your power -- forming a connection between you and the animal.

Feel with your mind for impressions that your animal may give off -- for example, can you sense anxiety in the animal? Impatience, eagerness or another emotion?

Ask your animal a question, either in your mind or out loud. Wait to see if the answer presents itself, either as a message in your head or a visual image projected into your mind's eye.

Continue your attempts if the first is unsuccessful. Not all animals are necessarily adept at psychic communication.