Animals Have Souls, Too

Article: Contact with animals who have passed.
Mike Goodall

Last year a Medium during our service brought through my Irish Wolfhound (who had passed over many years ago) and gave me some good evidence regarding his temperament, etc.

After the service I was chatting to her and she made contact with him again.

After a few pieces of evidence she said "why is he showing me goats"?

Nobody would have ever know why this was given other than my family and Barney the Wolfhound.

When he was a pup we fed him on a pint of goat's milk every day, and to obtain a supply of this we used to take him to a local goat breeder who supplied milk in frozen form, and we always let him go and see the goats.

What more evidence do you need that animals, as well as us, survive what we mistakenly call 'death'?