Animals Have Souls, Too

Article: Meditation technique - How to Connect With Animal Spirits

In shamanism, animal spirits are guides, protectors and helpers who can assist people in a variety of ways. Shamans believe that everyone has these guardians and that we can access and connect with animal spirits or their energies through various techniques.

Use meditation and visualization methods to connect with these animal spirits. Find a quiet location, get comfortable and relax by doing some slow deep breathing. When you feel relaxed, visualize yourself either in the woods or a cave and ask the animal spirit to come to you then wait for it to reveal itself (see Resources). Note that the animal spirit may not appear the first few times you use this technique. Continue to practice this every day until there is a connection.

Set your intention verbally or mentally that you wish to contact your spirit animal guide in your dreams. Before going to sleep, silently repeat your desire for communication with this power animal. Do this every night and keep a dream journal. See what animal keeps appearing in your dreams and then interpret whatever message it may convey to you by knowing about animal totems and their symbolism (see Resources).

Enroll in a shamanic journeying class. An expert in this subject can guide you through the process of journeying to connect with your spirit animal.

Look for physical manifestations or symbols of the animal spirit in your daily life. Be attentive to your surroundings and notice if in a short time span you see an actual animal or its symbol in rapid succession. This may be your power animal trying to connect with you so ask for a message.

Get an animal spirit card deck and see what animal keeps appearing in your reading or get a professional reader who can tell you what your power animal spirit may be. You can also invoke animal spirits through spell casting.