Request Absent Healing for Yourself or a Loved One

UK - Devon - Newton Abbot
Offered by:Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church

Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church extends a Warm Welcome to you all.

Spiritual Healing is an integral part of our religion and ‘healing’ means a form of healing by the use of forces and energies from the world of spirit channelled through the healer by the laying on of hands on or near the body, or prayer or direction of thought from a distance. All Church Healers are registered with the Healing Committee of the SNU and services of healing are properly supervised, each healer honouring the Code of Conduct. Appointments can also be made for registered healers to make home visits, to visit hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.

If you would like us to send absent healing to yourself or a loved one, please contact us by e-mail (see Healing page) with your request, and we will send absent healing during the Tuesday healing service; details will also be entered into our healing book. Please notify us when you wish us to stop sending absent healing.