Request Absent Healing for Yourself or a Loved One

UK - Glastonbury (Somerset)
Offered by:Angela and Malcolm, Reiki masters and healers

We are Angela and Malcolm, Reiki masters and healers with over 16 years experience each.

We feel that Absent Healing and Distance healing are a very important part of Reiki healing. In fact all healing, which ever technique you use, invites us all to help people, animals, plants, trees and Mother Earth.

Absent Healing or Distance Healing does not have to be limited to just people, there are situations happening all over mother earth today that can, we believe be helped by absent healing.

All we have to do as individuals or groups, is to remember that we can make a difference. Intent, focus, clarity and action, can help us to heal ourselves, heal others and heal the World.

We meet on several evenings a week from 9.30 pm until 10pm GMT to focus on our absent healing list. If you have a friend, loved one, or a situation you feel would benefit, call use or us the submission form (at the link below) to be added to the list.