Request Absent Healing for Yourself or a Loved One

UK - Hampshire - Liss
Offered by:The White Eagle Lodge

White Eagle healing begins with the simple, yet profound work of radiating the light of the Christ Star to all in need. The six-pointed Christ star is a mystical symbol of man/woman made perfect in matter, and thus is the means of channeling spiritual perfection—the Christ light—to bring comfort, peace, joy and strength. The lodge runs a school of spiritual healing which grows out of this concept, and uses the power of the colour healing rays, through the chakras and the aura of the patient, both in absent and contact healing sessions. (This service is always offered free of charge, and contact healers are trained to national standards and follow national codes of conduct where these exist.)

ABSENT HEALING is given by groups each consisting of six healers under the leadership of one who is a member of the White Eagle Star Brotherhood and specially trained in the projection of healing power by thought and prayer. The healing groups meet weekly and each gives individual treatment to between fifteen and twenty patients. The soul of the patient is alerted and linked to the healing centre by calling of the full name, which sets up a powerful vibration in the invisible ether. Healing rays of light and colour according to White Eagle’s prescription are then poured onto that soul through the thought and prayer of the sitters in the group.

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